Friday, December 09, 2016

New blog, new website, and new shop!

No. I am not. Dead. The year 2016 has become infamous for reaping many many lives, but rest assured that I am safe and sound. For the time being. Those who know me are perfectly aware that I cannot help it, I always feel the need to come out with some macabre comment when I undertake to do something. Dear (unknown) reader, please do not fool yourself; you will not be spared either here on this very blog. Ha ha. Ha. Those onomatopoeias were meant to be ominous so don't even think about chuckling. I am joking. Well, I didn't achieve the effect I was hoping for.

Let us change the subject and focus on what brings us here: a new blog, a new website, and a new shop. I am afraid that there is too much information for you to absorb, all of a sudden, all in one take. You must be feeling dizzy right now, or having a terrible headache. A nervous breakdown perhaps. How dare I come back here to blog and overwhelm you with such news, whereas I abandoned you without leaving a note more than a year ago! It is true. I am appalled at my behaviour. My last blog entry dated November 28, 2015. Indeed.

What can I say in my defence? 2015 had left me in tatters, and it took me a while to pick up again. Losing self-confidence and being overcome by doubt are common phenomena known to everyone. They occur to us more than once in a lifetime. And they always affect us in some way or another. That time - though it was not my first time, far from it - I would be unavoidably and completely shattered. I needed to have a break. I needed to isolate myself from the rest of the world - as far as it is possible these days - in order to ponder over my life. I feel the better for it. Now I am back on my horse and I do not intend to fall again. At least, not so soon.

I thought it better to give you all the news in one quick message so we can get down to business without further delay. I made a brand new blog to start with a clean slate - it contributes to my being more efficient. The old one will be left untouched, on line, for those interested in taking a peek from time to time, and remember the good old days.

Lately, I have been working on a lot of projects; I am looking forward to sharing my new illustrations and stories with all of you!

Have a nice weekend!

P.S. I will do my best to be a good blogger worthy of the name! That is, write interesting posts more than once a year...

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